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(New Haven-WTNH, May 8, 2002 5:50 PM) _ The style and comfort of a fine hotel is usually enjoyed only on vacations or business trips.

But one New Haven retailer wants your home filled with hotel furnishings.

"We have six drawer dressers, 8 drawer dressers, 2 drawer dressers. We have nightstands left over from the Hyatt in Greenwich," says owner David White.

What hotels don't want anymore, David White does.

"This is from the Parker Meridian. It's a beautiful piece. We've sold 2 or 3 hundred of those."

His store, Hotel Liquidators, was created out of need. Hotel chains remodel every 6 six years and that means the furnishings have to check out.

"They need to turn the rooms pretty quick and we go in there and we have a pretty big crew and we liquidate the rooms and a couple days later they are in our store," says White.

Everything hotel is here. The armoire with built in wet bars, artwork, mirrors and TVs.

The idea of taking of hotel furniture and selling it to the public began with a phone call.

"A hotel once called me up and asked if I knew of anywhere to get rid of their furniture and I know New Haven was a college town and a lot of people are looking for furniture and I thought it would be a good idea, so I tried it."

Because white buys from high end New York hotels, his showroom is stocked with solid stuff. Much of it resold for as much as 80 percent off the price the hotel paid for it.

With the size of warehouse, White makes sure there will always be a vacancy for his hotel bargains.

White says that college students looking to furnish their dorms or apartments are a large part of his customer base.

For more information: Universal Hotel Liquidators

Universal Hotel Liquidators is located at 1175 State Street, New Haven Connecticut. You can call them at (203) 777-4011.