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How Much Do Hotel Reviews Matter?

There are a lot of things that go into running a successful hotel because When you think about it, hotels offer a lot of different experiences to their guests. Everything from restaurants, to pools, to pull-out sofas and gift shops. And why do the great hotels not only excel at all of these things but go above and beyond for their guests? Well for good reviews of course! And sure, a lot of money. But if there is one thing that helps hotels make a lot of money it’s positive word of mouth. It’s something that has been valuable to the hospitality industry—and really all customer focused enterprises, since the dawn of commerce. But thanks to the digital age reviews have taken on a greater level of importance. Take a look at this article on Hotelnewsnow.com which features a study focused on all of the different factors that play into a guest’s decision to stay at which hotel. Here are the takeaways from the study in handy infographic form:


As you can see reviews play a big part in a traveler’s choice of hotel, whether it be for business or leisure. Have you looked up your hotel on Yelp lately and decided that your reviews could use a little oomph? Because if so this is something that we can help with. We’ve been spending years helping hotels renovate and improve their décor by liquidating their properties. Bottom line: liquidation is a vital step in improving a hotel and no one does liquidation better than we do. Try us out.

Hotel Liquidation Made Easy

Running a hotel isn’t easy. We feel as if we’re authorities on this because we have to work with any number of high scale and successful hotels day in and out. The liquidation business can be complicated, and while we’re experienced and we do everything in our power to make the process go smoothly, that (and selling cheap furniture) is all we do. But if you’re the one actually running the hotel the process is even more complicated. First, you have to decide whether or not you even should liquidate. And how do you come to this conclusion? By closely watching your bottom line? The changing styles? Or just taking customer comments and reviews into account? Likely it will be a mix of all three (or more) and that’s before anything is even liquidated. Before any new furniture is purchased and moved in. And then consider that this is only one small part of running a hotel. So yeah, not easy.

While we can’t help you plan your restaurant’s 7 course meal or help find a guest’s lost phone (unless it’s stuck in a sofa) we can definitely liquidate your property in a quick and efficient manner. Want proof? Take a look at us in action.

And for more information about our hotel liquidation services feel free to contact us.

CruiseShipCrew Gambia website launched

norwegian-cscgambiaThe website for Cruise Ship Crew Gambia (CSC Gambia) has just been launched. CSC Gambia is a company founded by Universal Hotel Liquidator founder David White and his African partners, the focus of the company is training Gambian workers for jobs on cruise ships.

Mr. White has been involved in The Gambia for some time, and CSCGambia is just the latest venture that seeks to use the talents of Gambians to provide a great cruise experience for all visitors, as well as great job opportunities for Gambians themselves.

Click here to visit the website.

The Cheap Furniture Pipeline

It should be common knowledge now that Universal Hotel Liquidators is the best place to go for great deals on high quality hotel furniture. And with good reason. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’ve been able to help tons of people find just the right piece of furniture (or several) for their homes, dorm rooms, studio apartments, businesses and more. But with that message out of the way we wanted to touch on one of the best ways to hear from us and about all of our fantastic deals. Below is an example of some of the offers you’ll find in our newsletters, just so you can get a sense of the kind of deals you’ll be privy to once you sign up.


So what’re you waiting for? If you love professional grade furniture at low prices then the Universal Hotel Liquidators Newsletter is for you. You can sign up here.

Redesign On A Dime: Part 5

In the last of our Redesign On A Dime series we get to see Cindy and Frantz let everyone know how they feel about their remodel. Hint: they loved it! Here they thank us for all of our hard work but really we were just happy to help. We enjoyed Cindy and Frantz and wish them all the best. This was a great experience for everyone involved and we’re looking forward to doing something like this in the future, so stay tuned!

Redesign On A Dime: Part 4

And here’s the grand reveal! Working in this business one of our favorite things to see is that look of happiness and amazement on the faces of our customer’s faces. That’s why we do what we do. And judging by the looks on the faces of Cindy and Frantz we did a great job here.

Redesign On A Dime: Part 3

In this installment of Redesign On A Dime, the makeover is in full swing. The crew at Universal Hotel Liquidators has delivered the furniture and now they’re just making sure everything is in the right place. Megan on the other hand, deals with the more personal touches, all the little things that can really tie a home together.

Redesign On A Dime: Part 2

In the next part of our Redesign on a Dime series, Megan brings Cindy and Frantz to the Universal Hotel liquidators showroom. They get to learn more about our company and how we’re able to provide such great furniture at such low prices. The lucky couple also gets to highlight a few pieces that catch their eye and just may come into play later…

Redesign On A Dime with Universal Hotel Liquidators

Connecting with the community Is a big part of what we do and love here at Universal Hotel Liquidators. And in doing so, we enjoy sharing our main philosophy, that great furniture shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. These were the main ideas behind our Design On a Dime Series. With the help of Megan McTague we were able to make a home makeover come true. Here’s the first part of our series where Megan meets the lucky couple, Cindy and Frantz.

Simple solutions for home furniture that will work even when life gets messy

When you’re buying furniture for your home office, you want to get pieces that are both comfortable and functional. The right furniture for your office can make you more productive, and the hours spent working there will be more enjoyable, too. Here are some simple solutions for home office furniture that will work wonders for your space. Read the rest of this entry »