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Deck Your House For The Holidays

December 8th, 2015

The holidays are a great time to search for new furniture and there are a number of reasons for this. First of all, just think of the deals. Furniture can be expensive and it is often worth holding off on upgrading a piece so you can find something at the perfect price. Well here at Universal Hotel Liquidators everything is always at rock bottom pricing.

Then of course the holidays are also a great time to spruce up your home because of all the visitors you will likely be welcoming into your home. Maybe you’ve been looking for an upgrade for that old couch? Or maybe you need a new love seat to cozy up in by the fire? Or perhaps you’re hosting festivities at your home for the first time and you need just the right dining room set to make sure the big family dinner goes off without a hitch. No matter what your need is you can find it at Universal Hotel Liquidators. You can get exactly what you need without jeopardizing missing anything on that shopping list of yours.

Great quality hotel furniture in great condition is available for any room of your house. The holidays can be stressful all on their own–there’s no need to add to it by making your furniture search harder or more expensive than it needs to be. Trust us when we say you will find every furnishing item you need for your home and more. Much more. And if you’re still wondering about the breadth of variety that we have available in our huge showroom then just take a look at the video below. Read the rest of this entry »

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Staying In Touch With Great Deals

November 30th, 2015

If you’re here there’s a good chance that you’re on the hunt for some great furniture deals. And trust us when we say you’ve come to the right place. You can see a wide range of items we have on sale by browsing through some of our stock right here on our website. But this isn’t the only spot to hear about great deals on pre-owned furniture from some of the best hotels and resorts in the country.

You should also subscribe to our mailing list. You can do this right on the UHL Homepage or by following this link. When you’re a part of our mailing list you’ll receive notifications about some of the hottest furniture deals around, sent right to your inbox.

There’s another spot you should check out for great deals on quality pre-owned hotel furniture and that’s The Universal Hotel Liquidators Facebook Page. As a matter of fact, right in this blog post we will take a look at some of the recent pieces that have been featured on our Facebook page.

First up is this fantastic hotel bar. This is a 5 Star hotel quality bar, with built in lighting, glass shelves, storage underneath and it even comes with its own sink. All of this for only $429.95.


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Furniture That Makes An Impression

October 8th, 2015

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just need a change of scenery, there are a number of reasons why you would be on the hunt for some new furniture. And if that is the case for you, then there’s no better place to get started than Universal Hotel Liquidators. We have a huge collection of pre-owned and high quality furniture to choose from. We have rock bottom prices for anything you’d want to furnish your home with, from LCD televisions, armoires, wet bars and really–everything in between. These are deals that you can connect with online at our website, our Facebook and Twitter pages, or even through our deal-busting newsletter. Of course you should feel free to come down to our showroom/warehouse located on the Boston Post Road in West Haven, Connecticut. There you get to see all of our great items on display–and try them out too!

Now, with all of that said, there’s a chance that what you’re looking for is something a bit more extraordinary. Or at least, definitely, out of the ordinary. While we have a lot of different types of furniture available–and we do mean a lot–there are some things that we’re just not going to have in stock. Like a stack of drawers you can climb like a staircase or a patio furniture set that can be combined into a 7 foot obelisk when you’re done. And while we will most likely never be able to sell these items we still like to highlight some of the pieces we think are cool, funky or just downright strange.

For instance is this door cool looking? Absolutely. Is this door necessary? Maybe not so much. But it would likely make a great prop on a science fiction movie set.


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Dog Vs. Sofa

January 24th, 2015

There’s a good chance that our latest commercial depicts something that has happen to you or someone you know. But no need to panic, Universal Hotel liquidators is here with rock bottom prices on sofas! And a bunch of other furniture to boot!

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Adventures In Lounging

January 7th, 2015

Hey guys we’re back with some more interesting furniture finds. And instead of taking a look at a bunch of different pieces for all over the house (like aquarium headboards) we decided to highlight an article dedicated to comfy chairs. And while we do not dispute the fact that many, if not all of these chairs, are in fact comfy, for the majority of them how they feel wouldn’t be the first thing you noticed about them. And that is because they are odd looking. Very odd. For instance how would you like lounging in a chair that looks like it consists entirely of oversized tennis balls?


Or perhaps you’d rather take a nap on a giant, cushioned hot wheels track? And we even haven’t touched on the burrito shaped sleeping bag combo. At any rate, you can see all of these high concept vehicles of relaxation here. And if you’re looking for pieces that are a bit more down to earth (and affordable) you can always find them at Universal Hotel Liquidators.

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Building A Modern Bedroom with Universal Hotel Liquidators

December 20th, 2014

When it comes to business there are a lot of essential parts to being successful. But one term and concept you’ll hear about a lot is differentiation, which is establishing what really sets you apart from your competitors.

When it comes to Universal Hotel Liquidators what sets us apart from our competitors isn’t just our low prices (though that is a big part of it) but is also the high quality furniture we have available. When it comes to hotel furniture, you have pieces that are built to last and are usually at the cutting edge of design trends when they’re implemented. And at UHL you get these pieces for as cheap as we can give them.

Our furniture is great for anywhere in your home but especially if you’re looking for discount bedroom furniture. Furnishing a bedroom can be expensive, especially as a college student or an apartment renter. A large part of this being the fact that the modern bedroom has evolved to incorporate a lot of different areas, often functioning as combinations of family rooms, studies and so on. Universal Hotel Liquidators is the perfect place for you to find all those necessary odds and ends. Pieces like end tables:

250-4 Drawer Storage

office desks:


And much more.

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Some Fantastical Home Decor Design Ideas

November 7th, 2014

(Photo Courtesy of

Why have a bookcase when you could have a bookcase and a comfortable seat? Why have a nightmare about falling in a regular bed when you could have it in a bed suspended 15 feet above the ground? These questions and more are answered in How Cool Your Home Can Be? 27 Innovative Ideas of Interior Designs. There are a great deal of really fascinating interior design choices here. And our old favorite, the aquarium headboard gets another mention.

Many of these entries are as unpractical as they are fantastical. But there are quite a few here that are rather good ideas focused on saving space like the hidden work spaces and storage space in stairs. Take a look at the site for the rest of the entries, from the outlandish to the clever. And remember if you’re looking for something a little closer to earth in terms of height and price then you needn’t look any further than Universal Hotel Liquidators.

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What is There To Hate About Hotels? A Few Things Actually

October 31st, 2014

So how do you guys feel about hotels? We know that you love hotel furniture (because why else would you be here right?) but what’s your favorite thing about staying at a hotel? What about the worst?

We’re asking because as hotel liquidators we’re tied closely to a hotel’s quality control thought process. After all the main function of liquidation is to allow a hotel to clear out items that they deem no longer up to their standards so they can create room for something better. But, while important, we all know that we judge a hotel on more than just its furniture.

The folks at recently put together a list of hotel trends that they wish would die. Just vanish. And among them are several entries we certainly agree with, such as paying for WIFI and hotels that don’t offer room service.

For the full list take a look at’s article and feel free to let us know if there are any you’d like to add.

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How Hotels Gossip About You For Your Own Good

October 24th, 2014

Happy receptionist worker standing at hotel counter

As we have mentioned before, running a hotel is no easy task. There are just so many different parts to manage and potentially so many things that can go wrong. And then of course, besides the pressures of managing everything from a restaurant, a spa and a pool hall—and the difficulties therein, there is also the “problem” of the human element.

We’re fully aware that hotels don’t always get it right—because that would be impossible. And we’re also not saying that all hotel guests are difficult, but let’s face it–some of us just take a lot more work pleasing than others. So it will likely come as no surprise that hotels are well equipped to deal with customers who are less than satisfied with their service. However, it may be a bit surprising to find out that their main tactic is gossiping.

Gossiping is probably the wrong word but they do take note of the interactions between staff and their guests and pass it alone so that all staff members can act accordingly. We recently read about this in a article. If you take a look you’ll see examples of how staff members were directed to deal with everything from a guest upset with his accommodations to a drunken man receiving the room key for the incorrect room. All in all, the comments they take down are more interesting than salacious and they all point to creating a better experience for their guests.

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How Much Do Hotel Reviews Matter?

October 17th, 2014

There are a lot of things that go into running a successful hotel because When you think about it, hotels offer a lot of different experiences to their guests. Everything from restaurants, to pools, to pull-out sofas and gift shops. And why do the great hotels not only excel at all of these things but go above and beyond for their guests? Well for good reviews of course! And sure, a lot of money. But if there is one thing that helps hotels make a lot of money it’s positive word of mouth. It’s something that has been valuable to the hospitality industry—and really all customer focused enterprises, since the dawn of commerce. But thanks to the digital age reviews have taken on a greater level of importance. Take a look at this article on which features a study focused on all of the different factors that play into a guest’s decision to stay at which hotel. Here are the takeaways from the study in handy infographic form:


As you can see reviews play a big part in a traveler’s choice of hotel, whether it be for business or leisure. Have you looked up your hotel on Yelp lately and decided that your reviews could use a little oomph? Because if so this is something that we can help with. We’ve been spending years helping hotels renovate and improve their décor by liquidating their properties. Bottom line: liquidation is a vital step in improving a hotel and no one does liquidation better than we do. Try us out.

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